We have not only been manufacturing systems for years but also successfully ensuring that they run smoothly. We leverage our knowledge to implement new and further developments and patents, which reflects in thousands of satisfied customers. No matter how old a parking system may be, we guarantee you 100% availability of original spare parts to ensure a very high level of functional reliability. What distinguishes STOLZER Service from others is the experience and expertise our team holds. 

High-quality electrical or hydraulic components from well-known manufacturers, Precise understanding of the exact static specifications of individual components as well as of the entire system, Centrally controlled service for real-time contact with our nationwide service support points, Well-trained service technicians and fitters in the areas of electrics, hydraulics, and mechanics, Competent guidance through our local representatives as well as engineers and technicians

Our service executives are available at your convenient time. Your request is taken care of immediately, professionally, and in a friendly manner.We offer help, not through a taped announcement, but a personal contact, who really helps you. Depending on the urgency, we initiate the appropriate measures and also pay attention to the expected cost factor. Thanks to our nationwide service support points, we ensure that our service technicians are on-site with you as quickly as possible. Our service points are supplied with spare parts so that a high level of immediate availability is ensured.


Our Service team is to help you as quickly as possible, as cost-effectively as possible for all your multilevel parking systems. No matter where in India, we are happy to help. We have a unique understanding of our products, We offer information and installation, maintenance, and repair history of all systems, We use original spare parts, We have quick turnaround times and are easily accessible, Our technical team is quick and experienced.


We offer regular maintenance of your multilevel parking systems, you are on the safe side several times over. On one hand, this ensures that your multilevel parking system is always ready for use, and on the other, you benefit from the extended warranty by concluding a maintenance contract for your new multilevel parking system. When you opt for regular maintenance, it also increases the life of your multilevel parking system and simultaneously provides the possibility of a better resale value.

Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive AMC Available

Onsite Workshop

Our Onsite Workshop ensures your system remains running as smooth as when it was first installed. The Onsite workshop is our fully equipped service van comprising a trained technician, tooling, and spares that reaches your location in no time to resolve your query. 

Our services doesn’t end at installation. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring that our products stay efficient all the way. Maintenance and servicing of your multiparking system are just as important to STOLZER as it is to you. In spite of 99.5% uptime, Our team always strives to deliver the best to its customers round the year. 

We advise our customers to get their parking systems serviced by authorized STOLZER technicians and not from unauthorized agencies. We also request our customers to strictly follow Dos and Don’ts instructions mentioned at the site during the operation and maintenance of the multiparking systems.

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